Getting more SEO from your Blogger Template


We all are working to optimize our Blogger Template to get more SEO results out of it. The blogger templates from Blossom Themes are already optimized for best SEO results. However there are still some things which are required to be done by the user after installing the template. This things applies to every Blogger Template you are using on your blog. We will discuss each part of SEO and how it works. One more thing never trust the SEO result checking plugin over the internet.

How your blog gets indexed?

We all have hear that adding your keyword on the page multiple times help you index your result at top in the search engines. But wait is it true? No, not now. In early days this trick is applicable but not now. The search engines which we use today has its own algorithm. These algorithms are called as “spiders” which “crawl” on “web”. The basic work of spider is to look for the new stuffs on the internet and report them back to the search engines. By this manner they are always crawling all over the internet.

As a blogger user what should i do to rank higher?

There are few things you can do to rank higher in search engines. We will discuss some of the solutions in details so you can easily apply it over your blog.

  1. Get backlinks.
  2. Check your page structure.
  3. Submit blog url.

1. Get Quality Backlinks

As we have discussed earlier the better SEO results are the work of spiders. To let them crawl towards you, first you need some links. From this links spiders are coming towards your website and send these data to your search engines.

For creating back links don’t use any third party website or products. As they may have huge chance of creating back links on sites which are blacklisted by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. If your they have your website links then it will definitely going to affect your SEO performance.

You can use your website links as answers on various forums or as a guest article writer. You can also share your website links in the comments but make sure the website on which you are adding your link is not blacklisted.

2. Check your page structure

You may have got a wonderful blogger template setup on your blog. But have you ever wondered is it really let’s search engine know the page structure? All the Blossom Themes Blogger Template are perfectly designed for properly indexing the posts in proper way. You can check thus your template is properly organized for that or not. To understand this you can visit the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. In this tool add your website address and click on run test.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool for Blogger Template

If your website is having the proper data delivery then your template is properly optimized for the data structure. Make sure there are no errors or warnings. If you find no results or there is errors then consider replacing the template or hire a Blogger SEO professionals.

3. Submitting Blog Url

Sometimes spiders are not enough to reach your website. In these cases we need to provide the blog url to the search engines like Google or Bing.To do so you have need to simple provide the url of the main page for your blog. Afterwards the spiders will crawl over your blog and send the remaining data to search engines.

To send the url to Google you can visit this link.

To send the url to Bing & Yahoo you can visit this link.

Final words..

SEO optimization is never ending process and keeps going on. It takes it’s own time till spiders approach to your blog. However following this steps may help in getting index earlier and giving you more time span for marketing. There are still more steps you can do to improve the rankings in search engine.

Hope you have liked it.. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments.

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